My NBA Odds Picks for March 31, 2012

As you can see, I’m basing my NBA Odds from I’ll be using their odds for my picks. This will at least be a guide for you to compare your picks with me. I’m not an expert, but I can be someday, which is why I’m making this picks a proof after I became one.


I’ll include the reason why I picked the team. Feel free to comment, argue or post your picks too.

Below are the NBA Odds for March 31, 2012.

8:30 PM Memphis +2.5 @ Milwaukee
7:30 PM Charlotte +7.5 @ Detroit
7:30 PM Cleveland +10.5 @ New York
10:30 PM Utah +5 @ L.A. Clippers
10:00 PM New Jersey +6 @ Sacramento
7:30 PM Atlanta +6 @ Philadelphia
8:30 PM Indiana +8 @ San Antonio
3:30 PM New Orleans +13 @ L.A. Lakers

My Picks:

NOH +13 (Super Pick) They showed great performance for their last 2 games. And in their last game with the Lakers, NOH was close in winning the odds, so I believe Lakers can just lead for 5-12 points.

LAC -5 (Strong Pick) Griffin on this one. I doubt Utah can lower their trail to 4 points.

NJN +6 (Strong Pick) With Gerald Wallace + Williams + Humphries, this could be just a close battle. NJN may win the odds. Evans is also questionable for today’s game.

Detroit -7.5 (Pick) For their last 2 games, I think Detroit would spank Cha with double digits trial or at least 8 points.

Ind +8 (Pick) Just my instinct. I believe on Danny Granger for this one. I had my hopes up for Ind since they buried Mia to the ground in their last game.

NYK -10.5 (Pick) I don’t believe on Cle on this one. Cle has bad standing for their last 5 games. They even got smashed by Detroit.

MEM +2.5 (Pick) Memphis is striving for a playoff spot. They are currently in the 6th seed, but that’s not an assurance they can be in the playoffs after all the games are finished. It’s on Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph!

ATL +6 (Pick) Just a hunch too. I know Sixers are formidable, but I’m with Atlanta for this one.

It’s up to you if you want to trust my bets. Goodluck! BOL!

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