My NBA Odds Picks April 2, 2012

Here are the odds for tonight’s game, April 2, 2012:


Mem +8 @ OKC
LAC +4.5 @ DAL
MIL @ WAS +7
UTA +2 @ POR
HOU +8 @ CHI
MIN +3.5 @ SAC

Below are my picks:

OKC (Super Pick) – For the last 3 games of OKC, it has never failed me. Durant for MVP! That’s what’s on my mind. I can feel Mem will be trailed by 2 digits.

WAS (Strong Pick) – John Wall. They can match up Milwaukee. They nearly beat the Pacers, so why not the Bucks too? +7 is too much! We just hope Nene is there.

POR – (Pick) – Utah is on a losing streak. I bet Portland can win this game by 3-4 points.

LAC (Pick) – My hunch is on Blake’s side. I just feel that it’s LAC!

MIN (Pick) – Kevin Love! Though there are many injuries in the team, I’ll believe on Love. 🙂

HOU (Pick) – We won’t know if Rose can make it, but let’s hope not. Houston can at least lessen their trail to just 6 points.

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