About Strife of Cloud

This website is created for people out there who have time to share their little time to listen to my ramblings, idiotic ideas, experiences, and stories. You can assume that this website is a personal one, but I prefer this to be general. Not all things you can find here revolve around me, some are too distant that you may think very irrelevant.

As a Filipino, I have a strong heart for my country. Obviously, I include my opinions and suggestions about my homeland. I also put up-to-date news about Philippines, so my countrymen and those who wander around the internet would be updated about the trends and other happenings here. You are going to read it casually from a normal Filipino individual.

You may wonder why this website is named ‘Strife of Cloud’. Yes, quite intriguing, huh? The truths is . . . I’m a big fan of Final Fantasy series, and it seems that my favorite character is Cloud Strife from FF7. I just interchanged it and put an ‘of’ in the middle. ‘Strife’ means “angry disagreement” or simply “conflict”. As we know from FF7, Cloud and the group is against the Shinra and its ways. They fought for peace and order. To be honest, I’m against to what’s happening to my country, the Philippines. Corruption is everywhere! Instead of the country getting progressive, our leaders (not pertaining to all) succumb to their own interests making our economic growth stunted. As Cloud Strife and the group seek changes, I also seek changes for my country. And so, the SOC was born for that purpose.

Well, I hope you may find this website cool and helpful. Make me happy by spending your time here. Interact guys! 🙂

By the way, I’m the only author here, but if you have something you want to share, feel free to contact me and I will gladly share it to the others.