My NBA Odds Picks April 1, 2012

Better keep in mind that I always get my reference of NBA Odds from You should always know by now that I use their odds, so if you want to follow my picks, then place your bets on


My record yesterday, Saturday March 31, 2012:
6 Wins (NOH,LAC,NYK,ATL,MEM,NJN) – 2 Losses (DET,IND)

Today’s (April 1, 2012) NBA Odds on Covers:

CHI +5.5 @ OKC
MIA @ BOS +3
WAS +6.5 @ TOR
DEN +5.5 @ ORL
IND +3.5 @ HOU
GSW +10.5 @ LAL

My Picks:

HOU (Super Pick) – Houston can manage without Kevin Martin. I doubt Indiana can make it for this game with their back-to-back game with Spurs.

OKC (Strong Pick) – Derrick Rose is still out. I don’t have doubts on OKC now since Durant is also running for MVP. He won’t afford to lose a game or so.

MIA (Strong Pick) – The HEAT is on Lebron. Boston, if you think about it, can’t really match the Heat. Without Allen, Celtics won’t survive.

ORL (Strong Pick) – I’m placing my hope on Dwight. Gallinari won’t be so I don’t trust much on Denver plus it’s the home of Orlando.

TOR (Pick) – The Raptors have good standings this week. They even nearly beaten the Bulls. I go for DeRozan, Bargnani and Calderon.

GSW (Pick) – I guess +10.5 is too much for GSW. I have a feeling LAL will just lead by 4-10 points.

It’s your choice if you want to follow my picks. 🙂

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