Review of Advance OS and LED Pro of Blackberry

Are you a blackberry user? I know a magnificent app worth buying for. Introducing, Advance OS and LED Pro, an application for with a manager capability which houses many features that really helps plus the LED feature which was the reason why I downloaded and bought the PRO version via Blackberry App World. I mainly use it in controlling the LED feature of my Blackberry for personalized contacts even the personalized ringtone.

Advance OS and LED Pro


  • Helps you in managing your Blackberry.
  • The LED feature is perfect! You utilize your LED in many ways and mostly all colors and behavior.
  • Has battery usage analysis.
  • Actions that are hard to find, but are compiled by the app.
  • Cost only $1.50 for life. No need to pay again for updates.
  • Adds up a battery bar with the percent remaining indicated.

I don’t think there are CONS there. If there’s one, I think it adds in draining your battery, but not too much. I don’t even consider this as a CON.

So what are you waiting for? I personally guarantee this Advance OS and LED Pro app to be great and useful.

App Rating: 9.5/10

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