Pacquiao VS Marquez 5, Still Worth Watching?

Pacquiao VS Marquez 5? Yes, I know! Manny Pacquiao got owned by Juan Manuel Marquez in their last fight on December 9. Still, I don’t think that can still be a basis to say that Marquez is stronger than Pacquiao. Remember, that was a lucky punch. Luck was there, so we don’t consider that. Remember Pacquiao-Marquez I and II? Pacquiao overpowered Marquez in those 2 fights, and I guess even in the third fight in the series, Pacquiao really did win that out.

Pacquiao Marquez 5

Now many could be wondering, would Pacquiao VS Marquez 5 still become a hit to the fans? You could be thinking that it’s because they already fought 4 times, it’ll be boring and has no thrill at all. You got it wrong. I believe it will still sell to the people. Well, Pacquiao will answer to that devastating loss from Marquez. People would want to know who really is the best between them.

I will believe in Manny Pacquiao. I hope there will be Pacquiao VS Marquez 5 before Pacquiao faces Floyd Mayweather Jr. What do you think guys?

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