Convenience in Data Entry – USB Numeric Keypad

Have you ever experienced getting worn-out by doing data entry, or typing long numerical data by just using a notebook or regular sized laptop? Usually, those kind of laptops have their number on type of the qwerty row, in a horizontal form of ascending numbers from 1 to 9 then 0 beside 9, and the alternate way would be “Fn” then the numbers in alternate with some letters. I’m sure you’ll get tired easily by that style, right?

usb keypad

In order to be efficient, we must do more work for a certain span of time. Convenience is the key to do the job well and in time. Well, here’s the solution to our problem there. By using usb keypad, we make our convenient for us to type the numbers with no hassle in our part. It’s like we are just using a regular calculator in typing our work.

You just imagine how easy our life would be in typing if we use a usb numpad instead of the original horizontal numpad from our laptop keyboard. Numpad is designed for us to be having no trouble in typing the numbers, and even the speed of typing can be amplified. It is for the reason why regular keyboards have numpad on the right side.

So, if it’s convenience, then it’s usb numpad.

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