Nice to Meet You, Karleng!

I stumbled on someone’s profile in Facebook today. Facebook’s “People You May Know” really does helpful, eh? Well, here’s the story. I added someone, and let’s just call her “Karleng”. It’s my first time to encounter a girl like her. She values highly of the security. That’s great. That’s a more reason for her to be interesting. Agree?

In our first conversation, we talked, and agreed to know each other, BUT, only through Facebook. It’s kind of limited you know, but I completely understand her. It’s about security. But there is this aura of her which makes you become interested with her, well, interested in a way that you want to know her. Pretty peculiar compared to the girls in this generation.

Like me, she’s a blogger too! Also, she said, “I hate coffee. I’m a chocolate lover. And I love to socialize with people.” It’s just like who I am, except for the hatred towards coffee. Now I have a more reason to know her, agree?

So this post is a tribute to my new acquaintance, Karleng! Hello there! Nice to meet you!


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