Welcome Back NBA! – End of NBA 2011 Lockout

I know you missed this too, but NBA is now back to business! I’m very glad that the NBA Lockout 2011 problem has already been solved, thought it delayed the game, and just made it into 66 games. The first NBA game will be on Dec 25, Christmas Day! It would be fun to watch the game in a holiday.

So what is a NBA lockout first? During a lockout, teams could not trade, sign or contact players and players couldn’t access NBA team facilities, trainers or staffs. Having that situation, this could be a problem with money/budget. Despite that, negotiations and agreement finally solved the case. That is the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

NBA Lockout 2011

The NBA Lockout 2011 started July 1,2011. This is the 4th lockout in the NBA history. After the agreement was signed in December 8, they announced the end of the lockout. It is sad that many players signed on other leagues overseas. We hope they can get back.

Watch out NBA on December 25, 2011!

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