My Experience on Relief Operations: Gawad Kalinga and Tulong Kabataan

It was so heart fulfilling to help in social welfare activities such as relief operations. I wasn’t expecting to see myself doing this, but I guess developments are inevitable. @Gawad Kalinga and Tulong Kabataan. Well, I spent two days helping my fellow Filipinos who fell victims to the huge floods cause by Hanging Habagat of August 6, 7 and 8. It was really worth giving compassion to people like them, so worth it.

Last Thursday (August 9) , I went to Gawad Kalinga to offer some help and drop off my donations. It was really exciting and fun. I wouldn’t mind doing that for the next 10 days. I felt like really using my body productively. Not only did I help the needy, but I also gained friends there.

Gawad Kalinga

Gawad Kalinga Group Pic
We had a group picture taking after the relief operation on August 9
Gawad Kaling New Friends
I met two new friends in Gawad Kalinga, Chee and Toki.
Gawad Kalinga at Work
Taken while we are at work in the relief operation of Gawad Kalinga. (STOLEN)

We thought of becoming a regular member of the Gawad Kalinga QC chapter. Well, all I can say about this group… FUN FUN FUN!

Now, the next day (August 10), I spent my day for a relief operation handled by Tulong Kabataan. I went to UP Diliman Lorena Barros Hall, near Vinzons Hall, then offered some help too. We did solicitation and collection of donations, work relays, outdoor works and stuffs. It was dun too because we are all teenagers. There’s no officials or adults governing us, but US only. We felt the job so much because there’s no dictator of our every movement. There’s not much pictures here because they still haven’t uploaded those.

Tulong Kabataan
Team I worked with in Tulong Kabataan

So what do you think about my experience? Care if you share too you experiences about social welfare this August too?

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