The Comeback of the Ex-SOLDIER

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen!

For almost 5 years of absence, I should say it’s good to be back! Yes, you heard it right! The Ex-SOLDIER has come back to deliver share again the schemes and mind-blowing ideas…all fresh from Midgar!

Since I was gone for almost 5 years, I promise to publish 5 posts per week and that’s just the minimum. I need to catch up and make it up because that amount is no joke at all.

Cloud Strife Cartoon

What to expect:

  • Local and Global news and trends (mostly would be Philippine trends)
  • My opinions, ramblings and my random thoughts & experiences
  • Review about animes and games
  • My travel experiences and recommendations
  • Weight loss , workout experiences and supplements reviews (since I just became a gym addict this month)

So guys, I won’t fail you. I hope you subscribe and also share your thoughts through the comment section in every post.

Let the strife begin…again!

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