Jose Manalo as Willie Revillame in Eat Bulaga – So Laughtrip!

Wally-Willie RevillameI just saw this video on Youtube, well, since I don’t usually watch Eat Bulaga because of my schedule. Jose Manalo as Willie Revillame is kind of catchy, why? We’ve known Jose Manalo as a great comedian, and how about he impersonate Willie? So here’s the video of the episode of Eat Bulaga on December 17, where a home partner or something like that made a mistake about Wally’s name.

Jose Manalo as Willie Revillame

It’s funny right? It’s like Jose Manalo is really mocking Willie, but it’s a good thing Willie didn’t think that way. Instead, Willie appreciated what has happened in Eat Bulaga. I don’t see any offence here, considering both of them are good at making people laugh.

In the episode of Wiltime Bigtime, Willie answered about what happened at Eat Bulaga. It turned out that the winner mistakenly thanked “ABS-CBN”. There he mentioned about how he felt about the afternoon show.

What do you think of Jose Manalo’s act? I really laughed seeing that. And I agree that he is much better compared to that gay Vice Ganda. That gay has jokes hitting below the belt of other people, which is not actually funny.

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