Why I prefer Twitter Over Facebook

Many could be asking, “which is better, Twitter or Facebook?” I don’t have time to compare features of this two big social network. Twitter and Facebook has proved to be popular, so I don’t have to give out some specifications. It just come to my mind why I like Twitter more than Facebook, and most likely I’m going to use it often starting 2012.

Twitter VS Facebook

Reason 1:

I value my time. Once I started browsing my Facebook account, it will take about an hour or two before I finish. Facebook has more features like shares, fan pages, game apps, and tagged pictures. You also tend to add strangers because of their pictures or who they are. Unlike FB, Twitter is just tweets which is like the status update in FB. In short, Twitter is more like ideas or thoughts of the user. It’s pure communication. I don’t see the VALUE OF TIME in Facebook, so this goes to Twitter.

Reason 2:

Absolutely NO JEJEs in Twitter, because you set who to follow and who to let you become a follower. Plus, many celebrities and famous people are using Twitter. I think Twitter is much more professional to use?

Do you have other reasons? Or if the other way aroound, why choose Facebook?

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