December 21,2012 – The Date All of Us Are Scared to Come?

Do you believe in the “End of the World” this coming 2012? I know that those positive thinker or busy in life will just say, “Oh, this is BULLCRAP!” Well, that goes for me too, since I even don’t want to believe that because I’m still young. I can’t afford to waste my time terrorizing myself with that belief.

December 21 2012

After all, this is just a prediction, like what Nostradamus usually good at. This thingy about Mayan Calendar, don’t believe it! We must think positive. Does anyone of you want the world to end so fast? According to Cincinnati Observatory, they will look up about this matter of 2012 Winter Solstice, if this December 21 2012 really has something up it’s sleeve.

Well, you can scare yourself with “just one year left for us“, since December 21,2011 just passed, and the hell it’s my sister’s birthday! Well, what can you say about December 21 2012?

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