Having Perseverance can Triumph over the Geniuses

Perseverance. This is what I have in mind right now. I’m just wondering how perseverance gives a person the skill to even par with a genius. Even if you are born with no talent at all, having perseverance can give you so.

In speaking of schooling, when you are a genius, you won’t be having problems with the lessons. Yes, I know the feeling because I was a bit genius before. What I lack was this attitude called perseverance. At first, I can survive with just little efforts. As things get harder, I can’t do much without giving enough efforts to pass.

I realized back then when I observed my former schoolmate back in high school, as he became an achiever though he actually didn’t have what it takes back in high school. As I analyze, it seems his perseverance paid off now in college. He’s not a fast learner, but because of that attitude of his, he managed to get good grades, and even learn the hard lessons step-by-step. He even stepped over the geniuses around him because they don’t do their best.

In my opinion, having both would give you a 100% success rate in everything you do, with the condition of luck not included in the criteria.

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