Bloom Box of Bloom Energy – The Future’s Energy Source

A company called Bloom Energy, started in 2002 by CEO K.R. Sridhar, is included in the 26 of 2010 Tech Pioneer. They developed what we are hearing about now, Bloom Energy Server or commonly know as the Bloom Box.

What is the Bloom Box anyway? It is a device made by new technology which has the ability of producing electricity by means of a SOFC using liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons. According to Bloom Energy, a single cell (one 100 × 100 mm metal alloy plate between two ceramic layers) can generate 25 watts.

This was created for the purpose of producing energy in a less costing manner. For a company to rely on this device gives them more revenue, for they can save much money unlike by using the energy fro power plants.

Google is the first customer of Bloom Energy. The biggest search engine wanted to try using this new innovation of electric supply. We all know that Google is aggressive on innovating on energy efficiency technology for its data centers to reduce costs.

This Bloom Box of Bloom Energy was featured in 60 Minutes. You can watch some videos of it in Youtube.

I know this may cost you on the initial investment, but you would feel the convenience after some time. Now what do you think of Bloom Box? Do you think this should be patronized by the people?

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