Free Domain Name Plus Hosting Contest

This will be my first time to be hosting a simple contest like this one. Since I bought a domain name, but I’m not using it, I think others can use it, utilize the domain name. It’s not just the domain name, but it is also hosted by me, so it’s like domain name plus hosting. Isn’t that great?

Now the contest for the free domain name for a year plus hosting begins. This is from November 24, 2010-December 9, 2010. The winner will be announced on December 10. By the way, the domain name is “”. It’s such a waste if no one will use the blog/site. You can even monetize it.

Here’s the mechanics:

1. You should have linked Strife of Cloud [] and Related Thoughts [] in your blog. Each site must have 2 links, one in the homepage, and one in the link page(blogroll page). If you have no link page, do the homepage only then. I’ll be checking them.

2. The second one would be, make a post regarding the domain name. Blog about why you needed a domain/blog. Express your feelings about how you would like to blog and why do you really blog at all. Please include a link of Strife of Cloud and Related Thoughts again in the post.

3. Another, post a comment in this website, in any post. Please be sensible. Don’t comment like “I love this post”, or short sentences like that.

4. Lastly, please “Like” the fan page of Related Thoughts. You can find it in the homepage of the website Related Thoughts.

Just do all those. I’ll be picking who has the best post regarding this matter. Just wait for the announcement via post here. Thank You!

*Note: Please comment here for me to know that you joined, and did all the mechanics. Please include the reciprocal links for the mechanics 2 and 3. Also include your first name in FB, so I can check if you liked the fan page. Many thanks to you guys!

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  1. September 16, 2019 at 2:45 pm

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