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I’ve been to blogging for a year by now, but I’ve never tasted blogging not until when I used WordPress. We all know that WordPress is an open-source CMS, and is popular when it comes to blog publishing tool. They made blogging easy, as the interface is very easy to understand, as well as installing it to your website. This blog may not be possible, if not for WordPress.

Now if ask me, what do I like about WordPress? It’s just simple! I like eveything about it. The question should be, “What is the most interesting about WordPress?”. Maybe I’m thinking about theme-friendly of this CMS. As you can see, WordPress really has many themes available in the internet. Some are premium, and others are free to use. Even normal bloggers can make their

own theme, as long as they can understand the codes used by WordPress. Another would be the interface of the “Publish a post”, which is the “Add New” located in the “Posts”. It’s very easy to use, just like the Blogger(known also as Blogspot), but I prefer more of the WordPress. Those 2 things make me never want to stop blogging.

Next, if I’ll be given a free premium theme, I would like to have a magazine/news type of theme. It should have a dynamic featured news (latest posts) in the center. The navigation bar with the categories, with which when you clicked the categories, it should show first a page about the category, and below is the archive. It should also be a colorful one, and not SIMPLE at all, imagine like the site of CNN or other news site. I also expect other features needed in a perfect news blog. There should be amazing plug-ins for it, and should also have an ads placement(Adsense Ready), and must also be SEO ready, meaning, only little effort should be done in SEO, it can get traffic and ranks just by posting good contents, and through the plug-ins and theme apps specialized in SEO. There should also be a bar in the bottom of a post where they can use social bookmark for easy publicizing of the news content (easy bookmarking). That’s the one I like in a WordPress theme right now. Follow up, the design should be unique to other news website. There should bea colorful background, I mean the actual background(not the background of the body, but the background of the whole site, [outermost bg])

KThemes can help if you want some service regarding blogging in relation also of using WordPress. KThemes provides free WordPress themes, and can also make a custom theme just for you! They can also make custom online shops and catalogue or photo galleries and portfolios with your choice on how it’s going to be.

Why not start using WordPress today?

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