GreekGeeks Hosting – Fast Service and 99.9% No Downtime!

First and foremost, this is NOT an AD! I’m writing this up as review, since I’m satisfied to the service they’re giving me. It is a normal act to at least show some gratitude if you are getting what you pay for, right?

I’ll go direct to the point. At first I don’t want to try them out, well, because they only offer one package of hosting. If you are to compare it with Hostgator, it will look like Hostgator is superior. For a reason that I don’t have the budget to pay 3 years in advance, I really need to switch to other hosting. I found GreenGeeks, in which I got curious about “Green Web Hosting“. It seems they are eco-friendly. That’s good, having the feeling of contributing to something while availing the service.

With much reading of the background of GreenGeeks, I found that this is really great! The credibility of the owner is also not questionable. He’s been in the hosting industry for some time.

I finally decided to transfer. It was about 10 times of conversation with the support team, and I was glad that they really are 24/7. After paying for the 3 years in advance, they really processed my transfer. With just 2 hours, I got transferred no sweat on my part.

I’m enjoying here now in GreenGeeks for about 3 weeks. You see it’s like the feeling of hosted in Hostgator. All I can say is that if you are looking for a cheap hosting with the calibre of Hostgator, then I recommend GreenGeeks!

Here’s their homepage: You can also click the banner below if you want to be hosted on GreenGeeks now!

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