Mayweather’s Tweet Calling Out Pacquiao for the Fight on May 5

I was first astounded what I read on my Twitter as I’ve seen Justin Bieber’s retweet. Bieber retweeted one of Floyd Mayweather Jr tweets. According to the tweet by Mayweather, he is calling out Manny Pacquiao for the fight on May 5. The exact tweet is “Manny Pacquiao I’m calling you out let’s fight May(…)

Manny Pacquiao VS Floyd Mayweather Jr Fight on November 2012

Sorry to break your excitement about Pacquiao VS Mayweather LIVE on May 5, 2012, but that will be no more. You see, there has been a conflict on Floyd Mayweather Jr. which postponed again the most-awaited match in the boxing world. Floyd Mayweather will be staying on jail for about 90 days for the case(…)

Super Bowl XLVI KickOff Is On February 5, 2012 – Super Bowl 2012 Schedule

The 46th annual edition for the Super Bowl of American Football will be on February 5, 2012, Sunday. This will be the 42nd championship game of the National Football League (NFL). The Super Bowl XLVI (46) will be held on Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are glad to know that the stadium’s roof(…)