Paquiao VS Margarito Results – The 8th Belt for Pacman

Hurray for the “People Champ” Manny Pacquiao. He did it for the Super Welterweight division. He won the match in which he got a unanimous decision with the score cards 120-108. You can see just from the face of Margarito the wrath of Pacman’s fists. He sure got beaten up there in the 12 rounds of boxing. It sure was too tough on him to take Pacquiao, a beast in the ring where even though he took many blows from Margarito, he wasn’t that shaken up.

Actually, I did expect that to happen. I was even expecting a KO, but I didn’t happen. One reason would be Pacquiao was so compassionate. He doesn’t even want to hurt further the opponent. That’s Manny Pacquiao for you. If he really wanted to knock him out, he should have done it even before the 12th round came.

A splendid victory for Pacquiao though. Now what I wanted to hear next is the announcement of Pacquiao VS Mayweather Jr. or Pacquiao VS Mosley, but I’m interested more of the former.

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao! Paquiao VS Margarito Results is already up on the news I think.

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