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Blogging? Why do we blog? Ever since the internet became popular and easier to connect with, the blogosphere came to exist. This consists of bloggers around the world. What’s the purpose? Just ONE word for it, “EXPRESSION”. We really blog to express ourselves, right? If you read the contents of a blog, you can see opinions of the writer, you can see from there the expression of the author. It has become a passion for us bloggers to write what we have on our minds which we wanted to share to the whole world. I’ve been asking myself before about the importance of blogging. What is it anyway? I found it while I was doing the real thing. Having something to share is a very valuable thing. Look, if you have written something, and someone who was not informed of the info he must know accidentally read your blog, well, thanks to you that he came to know what he just missed. That’s one aspect I know now because I personally experienced it.
Many people are creating blogs for their hobby or passion. Some make it very neat and great so the readers would love to go back to their blog. Blogging sure is a fun thing to try!

Nowadays, we see blogs so magnificent not only in contents, but also in their layouts and designs. That’s true! Why? Well, think of this. Would you go to an amusement park where just from entrance you can see how the inside of the park won’t amuse you that much because it lacks ambiance? Think of the entrance as the homepage, and the rides as the contents. Of course, designs are necessary because they become a factor to make your potential readers continue to your site. If they see a messy homepage, they would just hit ‘back’ or click the ‘X’ button just to get rid of the sight you have just created. Do you know get what I’m saying? I’m not telling to make it as grand as ever, you just need the right thing for your blog. Simplicity is also good, you know.

Now in my opinion, what gives color to my blogging are themes which are produced by Woothemes. They really give color to my site. Here’s an example of their professionally done themes. The name is Spectrum which is designed by Chris Rowe. By just knowing the name, you could tell that this would bring colors to your blog. It’s amazing features would make you readers love the site from homepage to contents. Now what are the unique features of this theme? First, it was really customized for a magazine-type blog. You can see a navigation of categories which will make it easier for the surfers to find what they are wanted to read by categories. The articles were displayed just great for the theme. You can also see the recent blog posted by the author. The ads sections were also in nice position, making it very noticeable for the readers. There are also a 7 widgetized zones in this theme. What makes this so COOL is the featured post. It is also dynamic, meaning it is sliding automatically, but there is also a slider if you happen to look for more great featured articles. Colors….Yes, it wouldn’t bring colors if you can’t choose the color you want, right? There are alternative style in which the colors are the varieties. These Woothemes Exclusive features really amazed me. When you are customizing your wordpress, you can see added features by the theme where there are options really helpful in customizing more the layouts and design of theme. You just click, upload, choose and save. Easy as that! Regarding the SEO, there is also a thing for that provided by Woothemes. Isn’t it so AWESOME? By the way, here’s the a DEMO of the theme to see what it’s really like. DEMO

If you haven’t tried Woothemes yet, I suggest you try one now. One of my favorites is the Gazette. It’s a very flexible theme. The style also fits my style.

This is the COLOR which gives emphasis to your blog contents. I suggest you give attention to this one, as this is a great factor to your blog’s standing. Happy blogging!

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