Quirino Grandstand Hostage Taking – A BIG Tragedy to ALL of US

This was a very sad event in the Philippines for this year. The sorrow was greatly added because the victims were tourists. If you just imagine, you went to a place for you to enjoy yourself, but it turns out to be a doom of your life. That’s so sad, right? I have no blood of a Chinese, meaning a pure Filipino, but I have a sympathy for the Hongkong victims. Just this April 2010, we had toured Hongkong for 3 days and 2 nights. Nothing like that happened to us. We had fun. The security was good too.

Well, considering the present state of the Philippines, many of the Filipinos are suffering because of poverty, but I know that Filipinos are one of the GOOD race living on earth. The people are polite, hospitable, and are just laughing their problems out. They are jolly and really kind. It’s just that this event is PURE COINCIDENCE. This Captain Rolando Mendoza wanted himself to be heard by justice. That’s his ends, but his means WAS really really WRONG. One thing to blame too is the POOR tactics and technology of the SWAT team and the NEGOTIATOR. They could have done something to prevent this sad ending of this tragedy. ONE thing they should have put in their minds is the IMPORTANCE of EVERY LIFE. Life can’t be replaced. They should secure first the lives of the hostages before doing something foolish like arresting the brother which was featured on TV. Media was also to blame for airing it live on TV. They should have known that the hostage taker is watching from the TV inside the bus.
The event is unavoidable, but the sad ending could have prevented, but we lack something.
This is my view for this case. When I was watching it LIVE on TV, I was so SAD and ANXIOUS because I really pity those inside the bus. I was praying for any survivors because the driver said that all of them were dead already. Luckily, there were survivors, but it was sad that 8 tourists died in the event. Let’s pray for their souls.
Let’s also hope that the government will learn from this tragedy.

For the NON-FILIPINOS: Please DON’T BLAME US ALL FILIPINOS. It was mere a SAD EVENT for all of us. NO ONE wants that to happen. The sin of one should not be generalized. I know that the survivors also knows this. Peace be with the whole world.

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