Violent Professor Caught on Video

A violent professor/dean from Montessori Professional College in Pasay was caught on video harassing a student. This video was also sent to news media, as it gained fame in Facebook and other social networking sites.

Violent Professor from Montessori Professional College

I find it helpful for mobile phones with camera, and the act of videotaping this kind of acts. By this, we create evidences that could be helpful in seeking justice. Now I guess this professor is off to nowhere because of what he’s done. Serves him right. It’s only JUST for him to get fired and become popular to the masses.

So what’s you reaction upon viewing this video of the violent professor/dean from Montessori Professional College in Pasay?

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  1. Jaja October 30, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    kakahiya! Dean pa siya ah! Nako. Buti na lang navideo ito. I agree, this person deserves talaga na ma expose yung pinag gagawa niya. Pang aabuso na yan eh!


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