Happy New Year 2013 Safety Tips

In welcoming the New Year 2013, I guess we need to take some safety measures in order to say that it’s really Happy New Year 2013, right? Well, how could you become happy if you were not safe or you got injured during the welcoming of New Year? Makes sense, eh?

Happy New Year 2013 Tips

So here are some of Happy New Year 2013 Tips and Safety Measures you need:

1. It’s more enjoyable to watch fireworks, than to lit firecrackers. Usually, firecrackers especially those ILLEGAL ones were the cause of the numerous patients during New Year’s Eve or the entire week before the New Year.

2. Make sure the food you eat are free from gunpowders, and other firecrackers elements. You might get food poisoning because of these. Be very cautious.

3. Stay in your homes during the last 2 hours before the start of New Year 2013. The fireworks are intense  during those times. Be very alert as stray bullets from guns of irresponsible policemen could also be the reason of your death or injury. Who knows luck anyway?

Those are some of the Happy New Year 2013 tips and safety precaution you need to keep in your mind. Let’s hope for a safe and happy New Year 2013! Want to have Happy New Year Quotes 2013? You can find some here too!


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