Happy New Year 2013: Welcome Year 2013!

It is yet another year for us people on earth as we celebrate the Happy New Year 2013! Christmas 2012 is over, and now New Year 2013 is up to be celebrated by all of us people.

This celebration for New Year 2013 really is special because we have survived a rumored apocalypse due last December 21, 2012 which never happened at all. Those ‘Mayans calendar’ thingy was a BIG bull$H!t  at all. I didn’t even believe it, not a single percent. Well, it’s just faith to the love of the Lord that he will never let that happen to us His children.

This is also a good celebration for Strife of Cloud as it celebrates it’s 3rd year in the blogosphere. Strife of Cloud started last 2009 around December too. I just can’t imagine that already 3 years have passed.

Happy New Year 2013

Once again, a big Happy New Year 2013 to all of you folks. I know you’ve been wanting to celebrate this nice and good, so I got tips for you to celebrate this Happy New Year 2013 safe and with a great blast!


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  1. Monisima December 29, 2012 at 9:41 am

    Thank you for the New Year wishes. The injuries inflicted by fireworks and irresponsible gun holders are terrible. I’m glad you have a list of tips for safety. We used to go out of town during New Year’s but now we just watch the fireworks display done by a house down our block. We ourselves never spend on fireworks.


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