Black Nazarene 2012 – Miracle of Black Nazarene

Do you believe in the miracle of the Black Nazarene? Well, today, January 9 is the feast of the Black Nazarene 2012! We all know that this is a very special and sacred day for the devoted(deboto). We always celebrate the Black Nazarene during January 9. The reason why it became black was because there was a fire in a galleon ship used for transport from Acapulco, Mexico.

Black Nazarene 2012

Whatever happens, people still participate to the transporting of the Black Nazarene to Quiapo Church. The route was from Luneta to Quiapo. It has been expected that traffic will blast, and hence, suspending classes around the affected place like UST, FEU, UE, Adamson, St Paul, La Salle, etc.

A big reason why people do what they can just to touch or wipe their towel to the Black Nazarene was because it’s miraculous. Many miracles had been done by the said idol. It’s well worth it to the devoted ones.

So, do you believe in the Miracle of the Black Nazarene?

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