UST VS DLSU 2nd Overtime Replay Video

It’s really amazing how UST VS DLSU on August 4, 2012 came to end in a double overtime. We Thomasians thought it was the end of the Tigers in the last minute of the 4th, but I guess the table was turned, giving the victory to the UST Growling Tigers. What an epic game this weekend.

I know you would want to know how the UST won the game against the DLSU Green Archers. Well, there’s a video of the second overtime where Aljon Mariano saved the day for the Tigers. A 2-point lead wasn’t so bad, it’s even close for a triple overtime.

Now the Tigers are in 3-1 record. Let’s hope they continue their winning streak now. Three winning streak since their first game with the FEU that just resulted from an error of Jeric Fortuna. It could have been 4-0. Aww.

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