Ideal Vision Service Review (SM North Edsa Branch)

I really liked the service of Ideal Vision, especially the SM North Edsa branch. Not only they have cheap but quality branded frames, but they also provide service with excellent quality and even fast.

I’ll just share something, more like a review of the Ideal Vision SM North Edsa service. This is NOT sponsored, just coming from a happy customer like me.

My Kappa eyeglasses got damaged when I sat on it in the car during our trip to Tarlac. The part holding the eyeglass up, which makes contact with the nose broke when I sat on my eyeglasses. It was really disappointing error for me.

Ideal Vision Review

Now I just went to Ideal Vision SM North Edsa to ask for it. The repair man asked if it was bought there. I said ‘Yes’, then he repaired it right away. It was really shocking to know that it’s free, and he didn’t even ask for receipts and all. He took like 10 minutes to finish it without asking me much. That’s great, right?

So, as an owner of eyeglasses, I recommend Ideal Vison store, especially the SM North Edsa branch. Care to spill some reviews to regarding Ideal Vision too?

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