Udemy Review 2018 – Udemy Courses for just $9.99?

First of all, this Udemy review 2018 I’m writing is not a paid review. I’m making a review about this magnificent website because I found it very helpful if you want to learn something, but cannot attend physical classes. I know most of you might be having questions in mind when you see the advertisement of Udemy from Facebook and other sites.

Udemy Reviews 2018

Is it Legit?

Yes, it is legit. You might be wondering how they can manage to sell a single course for $9.99, but it is really for real. I just purchased an SEO and Web Development courses from Udemy. After a month (because I was too busy with other things), I finally finished the courses. A single course can be finished in a week, and it depends on how focus you are in watching the videos.

Why so Cheap?

Sometimes, cheap is fishy to the eyes of the majority. There’s a saying ‘you get what you pay for’ and it means that the quality depends on the price. In the case of Udemy, I believe that it is because there are so many enrollees throughout the whole world, and the creator of the course and the Udemy itself make so much money already by just offering it for just $9.99. The more students they have, the more profits they make. The courses area online-based video discussion and tutorials, so I guess they give a one-time bigtime effort, but the income is passive and continuous as long as there are students buying the courses.

Pros and Cons

For every product, there are pros and cons. Below are the things to keep in mind.


  • Convenient – Study the course anywhere!
  • Very cheap and affordable!
  • Interactive and not boring to finish (since all are video modules), unlike physical classes.
  • Downloadable – finish the course even in offline.
  • Variety of courses to choose from.


  • Not all the courses offered are good, you need to choose which one to enroll.
  • No physical classmates.
  • The certificates are just from Udemy.
  • Courses are just for skills enhancement – not something to be used as pre-qualifier for a job.

Given that the certificates are generic since those will be coming from Udemy, it is still worth the bucks because you learned from the courses. The main goal why you enrolled is to learn, and you can achieve that by finishing the courses (depends on the courses if it is good or not). So always check the ratings and the syllabus for every courses before buying.

I highly recommend Udemy for people wants to learn extra skills even if they are busy with their main work. The courses can be finished at any time, depending on the student.

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