The International 2018 DOTA 2 Results – Congrats OG!

The most-awaited event for The International 2018 DOTA 2 or TI18 for short, has come to an end. The event was held in Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada from August 20-25. OG defeated the PSG.LGD 3 to 2, winning the grand finals. They will go home with $11,208,573, the biggest prize money they won since the beginning.

The International 2018 DOTA 2

The International 2018 DOTA 2

Last year, The International 2016 winner was Team Liquid. They were beaten by the Evil Geniuses, which in turn lost to PSG.LGD. OG already made an ultimatum by beating the PSG.LGD in the Upper Bracket Finals, and they strengthen the conclusion by beating the PSG.LGD again in the Grand Finals. What an intense “The International 2018” it was.

Here are the results for the The International 2018 DOTA 2:

  1. OG – $11,227,121
  2. PSG.LGD – $4,082,589
  3. Evil Geniuses – $2,679,199
  4. Team Liquid – $1,786,133

Who would have thought just playing that hero defense game, Dota 2, would make you a multi millionaire? I should say Congratulations to OG for winning this year’s The International DOTA 2, the biggest event of the year. They deserve the championship because they proved to be a champion caliber as they performed well for the Upper Bracket and defeated twice the PSG.LGD which was their opponent for the Grand Finals.

OG Wins The International 2018

Dota 2 as a Career

Many are imagining that if you are one of the players who won that prize money of $11,227,121, and you get your share of atleast $1 Million, I guess that would be more than enough to compensate for the lost time you spend in playing that game.

No wonder that there would be online schools or courses for E-Sports sooner or later. Playing video games nowadays are not just for entertainment alone, but it became a career for some who stood out in the game they are playing.

I’m hoping that our Philippine teams would make a big comeback for the coming DOTA 2 tournaments. Let’s cheer for Mineski, TNC and Happy Feet.

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