TRUTH, is it really DANGEROUS?

What do you think of truth? Is it something you really wish for when something fishy comes up? We have known Truth as something good that even children must be trained to always tell no matter what. In our elementary days, a saying ‘Liars go to HELL’ were famous, so the kids won’t learn to live their life full of lies.

For me, TRUTH is something that should prevail! It must not be let hidden in the shadows by some corrupt people with fragrant names. Nowadays, we don’t know what’s the true value of truth. Everyone lies, even our parents. Well, we have a so-called “White Lies”, which are acceptable in some way. But what is the importance of TRUTH to the world?


There’s a story I want to share regarding the importance of truth. Some of these are sensitive so I won’t describe much. Last week, I met a girl major in Journalism. Obviously, her career would be writing, and she chose to strike corrupt people using pen and paper. With the issue of the corruption a government owned facility with something to do with one of the MAJOR needs of a human(to censor the issue), the girl got into trouble. It is to the extent of shaming herself with false issues. Her friend then got involved with some ‘BIG place in a province with tenants living’ issue, the friend got a death threat just because of publishing it in a famous newspaper. Is this what TRUTH should bring to us? Or it is just those CORRUPT people who gives TRUTH a very bad image?


Now do you believe spitting the TRUTH is risky or dangerous? For example, if you saw a crime on the spot, would you report it right away or just pretend you didn’t see it at all? Would you accept bribes when you witness a cheating in an election or a corruption via projects by government officials?

All is up to you and your principles. You just need a strong FAITH and ENOUGH courage to expose the TRUTH! What do you think will you do?


  1. Semidoppel August 3, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    The truth will set you free, but in some is better untold…

  2. Jr - Site Author August 4, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    YeahI I agree with you. But if only there’s no risk in telling the truth, maybe ALL the controversies were solved already. 🙂


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