The UPCAT-USTET Issue in Facebook

Before I write this blog post, I’ve set my mind to become neutral. I admit that I’m a Thomasian, but I don’t really care which to hand my support because there’s no need for that crap. Among the 5 siblings, 2 of us are Thomasians, then my 3 sisters are all “Iskolar ng Bayan” from Diliman. I can understand both parties, and fully aware of the realities.

UPCAT-USTET Issue in Facebook

First, there is TRUTH that UPCAT really is one hell of an exam for a high schooler going to college. I took the UPCAT, but failed for the quota course(Mechanical Engineering in UP Diliman) I was taking since I just lack TIME(and ofcourse, answers) in the last part of the exam which was the Reading Comprehension part. I read the stories, which is a NO NO strategy for that portion. So it was like 45% or 54% for that last part, despite my grades in Math, Science and Language that were in 90%, 85%, and 90%. I got depressed at first because I just got unlucky with the tick of the clock, kinda unfortunate, eh? Plus, my grades in 1st-3rd yr high school were just in satisfaction of mediocrity because I wasn’t really hooked up to studying, compared to my elementary life. I just recovered when I was in 4th year high school, and then someone woke me up from deep sleep towards studies. I just went for UST ME, instead of taking courses I dislike in UP Los Banos or Baguio. I think it’s much better this way.

Second, USTET is really easy. I’m a Thomasian, and I have proof and credibility since I have had experience on it. I don’t know if it’s really hard or the UPCAT review really helped me a lot, but I didn’t really flip a page to review for the USTET because I know that I’m exempted because of high grades in Math, Science and English in our first semester. Since I was a UST Pay High School student, there’s an exemption for those with exemplary grades in their fourth year. My mindset was “Oh, I don’t need to review. In case I fail, they will disregard this anyway.” But when I received the exam, I feel like finishing it for an hour or so. The results came after some time, and it seems like in the 95% or so? That’s how easy USTET is.

So that’s the reality of the entrance exams. If I’m to rank the four entrance exams, I’ll go this way: UPCAT, ACET, DLSUCET and then USTET. Well, sorry for those other universities excluded, but these are the BIG 4. I’m hands down to Mapua for their Engineering though. Not to boast, but I just can’t understand that there are those who still fail in the USTET.

I asked about it to my father. He said that the reason why USTET is PURPOSELY MADE to be easy is that they go for the score rankings. Let’s say they have a quota of 200 students for Mechanical Engineering, and 300 took the exam for it. Assume that 250 passed the exam, the first 200 in the rankings of Mechanical Engineering examinees will be reflected as those who passed, and the 201-300 in the ranks were said to have ‘Failed‘. But of course, the rank 201-215 may have received a “Waiting List” status.

That could be the trick to why USTET chose to become EASY. They just want to assure that they can fill all the slots, and in case there’s too much passers, those who were below the quota rankings just get eliminated.

The Admin of the UPCAT fanpage really have had it. There’s no reason to brag on how easy USTET or how the gap between UPCAT and USTET really differs. I would just like to remind him/her that success still lies in the individual. During the oathtaking of my UP-graduate sister of the Chemical Engineering, many passers came from UP and then UST, but the first place was snatched from them by a Mapua graduate. Yes, the topnotcher for the Chemical Engineering board Exam 2012 was Mapua graduate. See? It’s still in the individual. As long as you set your goals right, schools you came from won’t really be a big factor in your success. It’s how you study your lessons, and with some luck if you got great mentors.

On the other hand, the UST students won’t really need to answer what the “Admin” of the page has posted. It may be a poser or hacked? We’re not sure. And what’s to be affected about it? If you know you’re doing well, then just disregard what others have to say. What is important is you are pursuing your dream, and your school is just part of the staircase to it. Right?

Show professionalism guys! I highly respect BOTH UST and UP. UST was there for me when I forgot to take the entrance exam in Quezon City Science High School because of Ragnarok Online(it rose to fame when I was in grade 6 – Year 2003). Luckily, UST conducts its entrance exams during January, while the QCSHS does it as early as October or November. It was too late for me to pass my credentials to take the exam because they won’t be accepting any more late applications.

Then, UP is my dream school. I had the chance to transfer there in UP as Mechanical Engineering student back in 2009, but I got fond of the events in UST that I lost track of time to pass an application of transfer. Well, my dream won’t end there. There’s still Master’s Degree, or I’ll just take another BS Degree so it’s like I’m a double degree graduate, right? And it would be fun to be an engineer while a student in UP too, agree?

So guys, please just KEEP your CHILL. No need to take these things seriously.


  1. James January 11, 2012 at 2:05 am

    Viva Sto Tomas! hehe pareho pala tayo ng school
    Kumusta na USTHS? πŸ™‚

    Okay lang yan, pagkatapos ng school, dun na magkakaalaman kung sino talaga ang mga magagaling πŸ™‚

  2. Jr January 12, 2012 at 12:14 am

    Yeah. pero college na ko., haha pero balak ko pa magaral ng isa pang degree or mag MS nalang ako., basta UP, if hnde UP wag nalang magaral, trabaho na agad., haha kelangan kasi, para complete ang hilera grad pics ng magkakapatid sa bahay na naka’sablay’ lahat.,missing piece ako eh πŸ˜›

    hmm.. nasa individual nga talaga yun,, kaya balak ko khit top 10 man lang sa board exam haha

  3. Penfires! January 16, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    Ah okay so this the story with the UP and UST issue. I saw references to this from the newsfeeds in Facebook but I really did not check what it’s about.

    I have no idea with the USTET, as I only took the UPCAT. But I supposed from your personal experience, easier talaga cia. Nung nag take ako ng UPCAT, I almost literally fainted hahhaha ang snack ko kasi chocolate bars and chocolait tapos piga pa utak lol.

    Anyhow I agree, at the end of the day, it boils down to the individual on how she/he will perform later on. πŸ™‚

    >>para complete ang hilera grad pics ng magkakapatid sa bahay na naka’sablay’

    napatawa naman ako neto hehhehe

    Goodluck sa board exam!

  4. Candice January 18, 2012 at 9:04 am

    Hi there! I used to be @thecandydoll from Blogspot but I switched to Tumblr with the same username.

    I took both UPCAT and USTET. Yes, they were fairly easy but I only passed the USTET. I was bummed when I learned I didn’t pass the UPCAT so I started to be envious of all my schoolmates and the netizens who passed it. At first, I thought they were more intelligent than me because they aced a really hard entrance exam. πŸ™

    Fast forward to this year, I’m in DLSU taking up a course I really enjoy and recently made the Dean’s List for the previous term. Meanwhile, my UST friends would share to me how how hard it is to study in UST despite the easy entrance exam.

    See? It all goes down to the individual at the end. Best wishes!


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