Secrets in Tetris Battle in Facebook Revealed!

Are you one of us TETRIS Addicts who play the game until the energy runs out? A friend of mine introduced me to this Tetris Battle in Facebook, in which when I first play it, I already had 20-30 games played already because of being fond on it. Why would a game from 1984 be this addictive, more addictive to the modern games we have since various age groups play Tetris Battle.

Tetris Battle Facebook
The game has twists on it. You won’t be challenged if there’s no ranks or achievements, right? There are rankings which will determine your experience, skill and guts in Tetris Battle. Most players ranking in 20+ have their own strategy. Find that out, then you’ll most likely be able to make up a strategy to defeat each one of them.

Here are the rankings you get in 2P:

Rank 1 – Newbie
Rank 2 – Novice
Rank 3 – Rookie
Rank 4 – Trainee
Rank 5 – Hobbyist
Rank 10 – Journeyman
Rank 11 – Intermediate
Rank 12 – Hotshot
Rank 13 – Leader
Rank 14 – Contender
Rank 15 – Professional
Rank 16 – Expert
Rank 17 – Veteran
Rank 18 – Elite
Rank 19 – Artist
Rank 20 – Star
Rank 21 – Genius
Rank 22 – Prodigy
Rank 23 – Champion
Rank 24 – Guru
Rank 25 – Sage
Rank 26 – Master
Rank 30 – Master?
Rank 31 – Grandmaster
Rank 39 – Legendary GM?
Rank 45 – Superhuman
Rank 50 – Demi-God
Rank 50 with 5 Stars – God of Tetris

There are combos too you can do to make your opponent KOed. What is KO or Knockout? It is when the pile of blocks reaches the top and it cannot accommodate more of it. In the regular Tetris, when you get KO, it’s game over. When you received a KO, all the bombs are automatically detonated, so the pile gets lower, then you can start again to recover from your opponent.

There are strategy you can use to defeat your opponent. One can be this one, you leave two blocks from either side, then pile as much as you can then when it is high enough, you send lines now and that should do at least 6 combos, but it can give you as much as 9 or 10, depends on how high you made your pile.
Tetris Strategy

Or… you can do the TSPIN! What is a TSPIN? T-Spin is when you use T-block to send a line but you spin it. Here’s an image for an explanation. Use that to send combos, then look at the lines, you won’t imagine the opponents winning against you if you do this one.
Tetris TSPIN

These two strategy can be done simultaneously. It’s all experience! Once you grasp all the possible tactics, you’ll be a potential GOD of TETRIS!


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