Justice for Given!

I, as a Thomasian and whose sisters graduated in UP Diliman and Manila, seek JUSTICE for the girl raped, looted and then killed by 2 the suspects, one which held captive now by the police, the other one went into hiding. Why was such crime happened just like that, destroying a life of a great student just wanting to graduate and honor her family? Given Grace Cebanico was abused and murdered last Monday, October 10, 2011, and was found dead Tuesday morning in a canal near the IPB Road in Barangay Putho Tuntungin.

I don’t understand why in rural areas, crime is very chronic. Is it because the media is not so strong unlike in Metro Manila? Well, based on the condition told in the story, Given went off from the dormitory of a classmate or friend after a meeting. She’s about to go home to her dormitory, when she was abducted by the suspect Percival de Guzman, a tricycle driver. A second suspect, Lester Ivan Lopez Rivera, which was a PS Bank security guard could be the cause of why the girl has a gunshot in the forehead. They took turns raping and finally killed her after. The items were said to be taken too.

Justice for GivenNow the question, what the F*CK was that an ALLY of JUSTICE depriving JUSTICE to an innocent student? I can’t believe a security guard can do it. The tricycle driver is evil, to think that he did not think of the life of others. They should be blown to kingdom come. IN MY OPINION, to lessen the crimes like this, DEATH PENALTY should be implemented again. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Let’s ask JUSTICE for GIVEN GRACE CEBANICO! There are many cases like her, so let’s put an end to those, and finally ask for JUSTICE, which would make a major change to cases like this.



The Cebanico family somehow found justice, but for me it’s not enough for the unnecessary death of their daughter. The security guard was turned over to the police, THANKS to the concerned grandfather. View the video above for more story.

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