What I Like About Mozilla Firefox

I was born in the middle of the rise of technology. When I was a kid, internet was kind of special. Nowadays, you would think that surfing the internet is just normal, maybe because it’s now cheap to get an access to the internet. Internet cafes’ existence made big changes to the great increase of number of surfers.

What I happen to meet first was the Internet Explorer of Microsoft. It was inevitable because that’s the default browser. I guess there was one too, like the Netscape, but I happen to be comfortable with IE. I was talking about maybe 10 years ago. It was so hard dealing the internet because DSL was not yet popular, more of like the ISP age if I want to shorten things up.

Suddenly, Mozilla Firefox arrived. At first, I snobbed it. I didn’t think I would love it like how I used to right now. As more of my friends use it, I frantically got curious about. It was just when I learned that the browser is a much user-friendly, and is faster than the others when it comes to surfing.

If it’s just surfing, I think I can deal with others, but we’re talking of the add-ons here. Mozilla Firefox has a powerful feature which surfers, webmasters, and streamers do really LOVE. Now that’s what I like in Mozilla Firefox.

Do you also like this browser?

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