New Facebook Profile Layout

Have you seen the new Facebook profile layout? They have updated the layout of which the Facebook users can decide whether to use the new one or just settle with the old one. As you can see, Facebook often updates its features this year. They have changed many things far beyond from where they have started Facebook last 2005. Facebook gained mass popularity just this year 2009.

As I can see it, the new Facebook profile layout really fascinates me. It maximized that spaces of the browser web page space. They made the friend feature larger. Some of the info are indicated below the name in default. Some recent photos of you are also featured below the info. This is much a user-friendly, and even sight-friendly. The space has been maximized, and you won’t have problems looking at the monitor from afar.

I also find it cute. I really hoped for a next change after the chat section, and here it is, the new Facebook profile layout. You can try it as well. It’s fun to be in fashion in Facebook.

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  1. peterdaniel June 19, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    i like it its so cute,


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