MAT Philippines Game Down – Switch to MAT Singapore

It’s been a month or two since MAT Philippines became a dead game. It’s so sudden that the players can’t access the server. Well, it’s obvious that it was neglected too much. It’s was already March, but the theme was still in Christmas. Second, more and more cheat system was added to the game, a proof that the GMs failed to prevent the hacks. It’s very sad to say that MAT Philippines is no longer available. I still don’t know the reason why.

Many players switched to other First Person Shooting (FPS) online game. Some of them returned to Crossfire and Special Forces. MAT Philippines has become a new hope for fewer hack in FPS online games. When it gained popularity, the game started to become like the others, and became the worst, dead game.

Good news guys! My cousin started his MAT Online life in a new server. There is MAT Singapore to save your butts on another FPS addiction mania. MAT Singapore was in open beta since September 2010. As far as I can see, the game is still in good condition. There are not much hacks, not yet. It seems the Pinoy players were the prime users of cheat hacks in MAT. Let’s hope the cheaters won’t migrate to MAT Singapore.

Try MAT Online Singapore! My cousin said it’s much better than MAT Philippines. See for yourself. Here is the link of the MAT Singapore website. Give a feedback regarding the game when you finally tried a single game in MAT Singapore. This is to help other players regarding MAT Online. If they read the feedback, they can decide on playing the game or not. Thanks guys!


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  2. Christian July 8, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    They need contact numbers but they have different contact numbers, what will I do?


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