Myself ; Yourself Anime – Ending Not Good Enough

Recently, I have watched an anime titled “Myself ; Yourself”. I found it one of the top anime in Crunchyroll. Well, it’s really limited because of regional limitations. I decided to watch it since it has a good introduction.

With two days allotment, I finished the 13-episode anime. As I watch the episodes nearing the end, I find it good. It’s like a typical school life anime, and the happenings are predictable. I liked it because it’s sort of dramatic. If you are too weak, you might shed a tear. If you are used to dramas, then this will at least give you a smile due to appreciation.

What gave me a disappointment was the ending. It’s so lame! They should at least gave a clear idea of the future. They didn’t even show the faces of the twins, or told us if their incest relationship continued. They should have showed more of the 10 years later timeline. That’s all I can tell about the sad part I keep to myself after watching.

If I’m to rate this anime, I can give this a 6/10. Not bad! Try to watch this. It’s not really a waste of time. If you have watched this anime, please give me a recommendation of similar animes to this one. I want to watch a school life drama again.

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