Maria Ozawa Wants Pinoy in Her Next Adult Film?

This is a very interesting topic for males, I presume. Well, it’s Maria Ozawa, it can’t be helped. Her rise to fame started when her videos also gained popularity. Yes, she’s an adult film actress, or in short a p*rn star.

Maria Ozawa wants Pinoys in next porn film

Maria Ozawa, a japanese hot p*rnstar is now trending in Twitter and even a hot topic in Facebook. ABS-CBN even released a news article about Ozawa. Well, the rumors say that Maria Ozawa is currently in the Philippines. Moreover, according to her, she bought a new globe sim and she’s talking about conducting and audition for Pinoys for her next adult film.

Could this be true about Maria Ozawa wanting Pinoys to be in her next adult film? I’ve read many tweets about Maria Ozawa, and some jokes were just too funny. Many Pinoys cheer for Hayden Kho as the next partner for Maria Ozawa. Whew, Pinoys will always be Pinoys.

Any reaction about this issue of Maria Ozawa?


  1. henry January 3, 2012 at 11:35 am

    I like Maria not just because she’s sexy, but because she’s cute. Thanks for visiting my blog JR. Happy New Year!

  2. Jr - Site Author January 3, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    Well, she’s pretty and cute. Haha! If only she did not approach the field of p*rn, I could have liked her, ready to marry her. Hahaha!!!

    Thanks for the visit Henry!


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