Investing TIME for your Resume

We, as a student, need to study for our future career. What we achieve in school will be valuable when we get out in the real world of work. Why do we need to take our subjects seriously, putting all those information into our mind? Well, you don’t want to graduate from college without learning something, do you?

Now what’s the measurement of our achievement from school? I realized another form, which would be our RESUME, aside from the true copy of grades. The ‘Resume‘ sums up all of what we have achieved since we started to gain knowledge from school. There are many factors to be considered, but of course the school matters. After they see the school from which you graduated, they will scroll down for other achievements like leadership skills from organizations/community activities and other skills you got there.

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So why do you need to invest time for your resume? The answer is simple! You can’t make a great resume without putting some time to achieve something. Like if you just waste your time becoming a bum, do you think you can graduate with honors? That’s impossible. You reap what you sow.

resumeIn my case, I wasted my high school years not achieveing something. I was given another chance for college, but I still waster 3 years. Well, the first year was productive but the second year until now doesn’t. While writing this post, I just realized that I should be using my time wisely. I still have my 4th year and 5th year to make something for my career records. Extra-curricular activities can help, but not much compared academic achievements.

Lesson learned. Don’t waste time for something that won’t return something. Invest your time on productive things.


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  1. Henry August 24, 2011 at 9:04 am

    This one really make sense. Nice and informative post!!!


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