Pointblank PH FPS game is a BLAST!

Pointblank PHAre you fond of playing FPS games or First-Person Shooting game like Counter-Strike? Many of such games already arrived in the Philippines, but none of them stayed long because many players relied on cheats made by DXT Gaming, and other hackers. Who would play on those games if the co-players were unfair to begin with?

Last year, MAT PH exploded here in the Philippines. So many players had fun playing one of the best FPS existing in the country, aside from Special Forces and Crossfire. Too bad MAT PH did not last long because of the hackers making cheat programs.

Now just this August, a new online FPS game just launched in SM North Edsa Annex. Pointblank PH, the new cool FPS in the country has gained massive volume of players since the gamers are looking for new fresh FPS game where they could use pure skills. Even I play Pointblank PH, killing my precious time because the action is great. You feel like playing a whole new innovated Counter-Strike.

Try playing Pointblank PH now!

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