I SUPPORT the Filipino Jeepney Drivers!

Today, what we all thought of as the day of ‘transport strike’, was very meaningful to some rational Filipinos. Like, what do you know about them? Passengers don’t know how hard to be a jeepney driver. Spending his time, sweat and blood just to get us where we want to go, for just a small amount enough to give a life to his family. There may be some drivers who are jerk, but most are what we can call ‘great’. Well, if it isn’t for them, we could be having a hard time going to school, office, malls, and other places.

Jeepney Drivers

Since the term of Aquino arrived, I see no changes to our petroleum industry. Why can’t they at least do something small for our mighty drivers? They suffer because of the extremely high prices of oil offered by big oil companies. Actually, the reason they planned a STRIKE(PISTON), is because they don;t want to increase their fare. What they wanted is to decrease the prices of oil. If you can think about it, they don’t want to give the burden to the passengers. They know that money is valuable, and an increase of P1 is very big to all of us average members of the society. That’s one thing why I want to support them.

Filipino Jeepney Driver

Now which side are you? I admit that I pity the life of a jeepney driver. It’s hard to drive the whole day or even half a day, especially if it’s raining or traffic. You have the burden of taking care of the lives of all the passengers as well. What is unacceptable is the job is tough, but the wage/income is VERY LOW. Oh my God, you can only live a life in EXACT. They are people too that have a bigger dreams.

Do you support them too? Let’s act in our very own small way!


  1. Mai September 19, 2011 at 11:45 pm

    but sad to say not all jeepney drivers eh iniisip ang buhay ng pasahero, ang iba kasi, mag ka pera lang eh wala ng pakialam kung maayos ba ang pasahero nila o hindi 🙂

  2. Jr - Site Author September 20, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    aww.. sabagay..i encountered a lot of them..kaso..majority…nakakaawa talaga.. 🙁


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