I CRAVE for the PR Shirt from the T-Shirt Giveaway by Jehzlau Concepts!

I was just searching for my friend in Facebook then I thought about visiting Kuya Jehzlau’s blog. I know it’s so late because of the 35 comments already published, but I still want to try because I TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY ‘LIKE’ the PR Shirt that will be given away by this great man and SEO idol!

Page Rank Shirt

This blog was PR2 before, but I don’t know why it became PR1 because I deleted about 20 posts which were already indexed long before. Oh well, it’s okay because it will increase again in the future.

I also have other blogs which are PR2, and the other even reached PR4 before, the https://recentissuetoday.com. If ever I will be given away a PR T-Shirt, it’s up to Kuya Jehz if I’ll be given “PR4” or “PR2” – ‘Ang Blog Ko’ (I hope it’s the former) Hehe. The size is SMALL, the Filipino male size. I’ll keep praying for this awesome shirt. Thank God, Google and Jehzlau Concepts. Hehe

Special Message to Kuya Jehz:
Sir, yung Brouters, I’ll be starting it maybe this August. Just wait a little more. Thank You Sir! 🙂 More Power!

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