How I Was Inspired By Such A Person

Have you experienced getting inspired by someone? No, I’m not talking about love or some relationship. You can be inspired by a guy or a girl. The case I’m saying is when you get inspired by a person by his/her action towards something. I actually believe that you feel it right in front of you as it happens.

In my case, I saw something which really did inspire me as I saw it happened. I was struck by the emotion which could only leave me to say, “Whoa! So that’s it!”. It moved me, as if I’m going back to the time where my grandfather in my mother’s side was still alive. Well, it’s because he’s one of my greatest inspiration, and I want to be his living legacy.

I was inspired to help the needy. It’s like when I saw how that person strove to help the poor, I was thinking of doing the same. Now don’t be surprise when in the future, I have a orphanage or help center for the needy. Haha!

Don’t you think getting inspired is so wonderful?

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