Google Doodle Happy New Year 2011

This is yet another Google Doodle for the coming Holiday, the New Year for 2011. Google wants to greet all the surfer a ‘Happy New Year!’. We hope for a prosperous year to come. It’s another great year for the NO. 1 Search Engine of all time. I can feel there will be new features and online events that Google will make for the New Year 2011.

The Google Doodle for New Year is just simple, yet alluring. It has no animation at all, but it’s good to the eyes. There’s a significance for the “GMMXIe” text in the Google Doodle. “MMXI” means 2011 in the roman numerals. It’s great idea in the Google Doodle for this New Year’s event.

I want to even suggest an idea for the next Google Doodle, maybe on Valentine’s Day? I hope there will be a Google Doodle making contest. What do you think?

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