Every Classroom Needs a CCTV, Agree?

Our parents always say that education is very important, to the extent that they spend blood and sweat just to give their children quality education.

We, as their children, must do our part. Studying is the main priority for students. They must equal or exceed the effort of their parents in exchange for tuition fees being paid by them. But why do most students take education for granted?

Cheating is the primary escape route of those lazy students. They don’t value the money paid for their tuitions just for them to have a good future. I can’t see a rationa reason why to cheat on exams. Exams are created to assess what you learned from the lessons taught. If you just rely on cheating, then you’re don’t deserve to be called a ‘student’.


A school came up with the idea of having a CCTV in the classroom, so the students are monitored during exams. A teacher can’t see all the blind spots in the classroom. If there’s a CCTV, it can record the whole activity of the class, in which you can see if something is fishy.

CCTV can also be an extra security. If there’s a stolen item, they can provide a record.

As I turned college, I witnessed many cheating tactics done by my classmates. Some are so brutal, that it can lead to expulsion if it is caught. I was shocked to know the reality in this world. Trust really can’t be given as 100% as I believe it should be. One solution for this, a CCTV camera in four corners of the classroom. Do you agree?

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