A Fabulous Reunion with the Sta. Ana

How important do you think is having a reunion? Would it be just getting together just to remember each other? Well, I just went to a reunion of my grandmother’s side. It’s kind of fun to be with my second cousins, and other far relatives. I wasn’t expecting that it would really be fun, but I guess I learned a lot from today.

A grandfather had a speech regarding reunions. By the way, he is already 93 years old this April 20, 2011. He told us that we should continue this tradition forever. We must always look back to where we came from. That would be one of the great essences of having a reunion I learned.

Annually, each family becomes a host. It turned out that we were the family to host the event. What I contributed today was the sounds. I provided the party mixes which would be appreciated by kids and teenagers today. My cousin bought the subwoofer and speakers, while I used my laptop to play the mixed songs.

I can’t believe I’m excited to go for the next year reunion with this side of the family. Why is that so? Maybe I’m longing to see…who? Haha! Kidding! 🙂

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