My Birthday Bash Surprise for Karleng (Karla Sophia)

Hey girl! Second of all, sorry for the delay. It wasn’t easy for me to upload these videos since these are large files. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU Karleng! I think this is my second video dedicated to you. Now, it has your name on it girl. 🙂 I waited for about a(…)

My Valentine’s Surprise 2012

As promised to myself, I’ll be posting my Valentine’s Surprise for SOMEONE. Well, you know who you are. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day! Text me, so I can continue with my second Valentine’s surprise. 🙂 This song. Well, just don’t mind my voice. I wasn’t in the condition anyway, but I needed to do it, because(…)

My New Glasses From Ideal Vision

This is yet my own review of a product. Please be noted that this is NOT PAID. It’s just that I’m appreciating my new glasses I guess because I feel comfortable about it. I have many opinions here, which you can use as guide. It’s just my 100% mere opinion, okay? Last Saturday, I finally(…)