Welcome Back NBA! Christmas Day Games Result

It was a great day for the NBA to be back with their first schedule of games in the season. This Christmas Day special really got the fans watching on their TVs for some heap of NBA games.

Welcome Back NBA

I know you all missed some NBA games, because it’s about a month and a week with no NBA. Well, the return of NBA really paid off what they missed.

Here are the results of the NBA games on December 25, 2011:

LA Lakers VS Chicago Bulls – Bulls Won 87-88
Miami Heat VS Dallas Mavericks – Heat Won 105-94
Boston Celtics VS New York Knicks – Knicks Won 104-106
Orlando Magic VS Oklahoma City Thunders – Thunders Won 89-97
LA Clippers VS Golden State Warriors – Clippers Won 105-86

Tomorrow, December 26, 2011, there will be about 12 games. Watch all you want in NBA! Let’s hope for still a great season in NBA.

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